What Is (Really) Stopping You?

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When they are about to make a big investment in their business, many people think:

“I’m a smart person… What if I hold off and try to do it myself first instead?”

What they conveniently forget is that even when trying it themselves “worked” before, it took them way longer than it should have. (While other opportunities in their business and life were sidelined.)

Most times, instead of “trying”, what they really did was sit on that great idea for a bit longer… and end up not doing anything.

Looking back at those missed opportunities, most people will realize that it came down to a lack of trust.

Not a lack of trust in the one offering the opportunity, but lack of trust in themselves.

Put another way… There are two kinds of people…

The kind of person who takes advantage of opportunity knocking…

And the other kind, who complains about the noise.

“When opportunity knocks, all some people can do is complain about the noise.”

We all know that when we make one decision, there is a cost for the decision not made. As a business owner, spouse, parent or basically a human being, we are all weighing options daily and living with the consequences of decisions not made.

When I encounter prospective clients, who are deciding between hiring an expert (us) or attempting to tackle their marketing themselves, I have a couple things I can ask them:

  1. Exactly how much revenue would you lose each day because of the lost time to strategize and implement a marketing plan all by yourself? (Trust me, it’s a lot when you sell high-ticket.)
  2. How long would it take you to learn everything you need to do this marketing thing on your own? (Our team has worked in the industry for years and still spends much of their time learning how to do it better – to the tune of thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars).

But here’s the thing.

I know they (and you) already get that.

You wouldn’t have gotten this far not getting that.

You also get that if making an investment in your business would speed the growth of your business and put your offering in front of more people faster, then that investment is a no-brainer.

So, if your product or service is something people want, who wouldn’t want to speed that process?

Aha. Now there’s the key. Did you catch it?

The question I really need to ask is:

Do you have the conviction – like “for real” 100% all-in conviction – that the product or service you offer is something people want – maybe even something they desperately need?

Because, if you do, then hiring a top-notch marketing team to speed up the process of getting that life-changing (or business-changing) offering to the right audience kinda seems like a no-brainer too. In fact, I would offer that you are doing yourself and your audience a disservice to hold this back from them.

So… are you still gonna just “try and do it yourself for a while”?

Or, are you ready to trust yourself and do this thing already?

Because I’m willing to bet there’s a whole group of people – likely thousands, maybe (possibly) many more – who need exactly what you do.

You can step up, put yourself out there and be the one to help them…

Or let a competitor gobble up the opportunity.

Either way, I hope this message inspires you to take action to grow your business today.

If you’d like help figuring out the best way to do that or putting a smart plan into action, check out this training and then apply for coaching.

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