How To Use Semi-Automation To Achieve Your Goals (No Tech Required)

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One of our Business Catalyst Coaching™ members shared something on a recent coaching call that we think a TON of people can relate to…

She said her 3 biggest challenges are:

  1. Prioritizing
  2. Focusing
  3. Following through

As she put it…

“What stands between me & my goal is… ME!”

And I totally get it.

I too have days where I feel like a hyper-focused & productive MACHINE…

And other days when I’m 6 seasons deep into a show on Netflix before I realize that I got NOTHING done.

Most days for most people are somewhere in the middle.

The thing I’ve learned is that focus & discipline are muscles…

And you can strengthen them with semi-automation (no tech required).

Check out this video from inside the coaching call to learn more:

It’s all about quantifying the things you need to get done regularly to contribute to the most important goals & aspirations you have…

And then building these tasks into your daily rituals.

For more details, watch the video above…

And if you need more help identifying exactly what you should be doing to reach your goals when it comes to creating, serving, marketing & selling…

Apply to talk to one of our coaches here.

It’s something we help thought leaders with every day & we’re more than happy to explore how we can help you too.


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