How To Turn Selling Into Service

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Let me guess…

You don’t love selling as much as you love being of service.

Is that an understatement? 😉 

I totally get it & used to feel that way too!

The thing I’ve discovered — and want to share with you here — is that sales doesn’t have to be a “necessary evil” endured to enroll more clients.

When you shift your focus from revenue to relationships


This means NOT coming to the conversation thinking about:

  • Closing
  • Cash
  • How great your offer is 
  • How much you need a win

This scarcity mindset leads to conversations that lack a “spark.”

Instead, make a conscious shift in intention from closing to providing leadership & service.

And remind yourself that…

Your #1 job is to help people make the best decision for themselves.

Even if that doesn’t include enrolling them as a client.


The call can still be a “win” even if the prospect doesn’t give you money.

From partnerships & referrals… to creating raving fans…

There are a whole lot of other ways to “win” when you consciously shift from focusing on revenue to relationships. 

Plus, this way you avoid the dread of being perceived as a slick, slimy salesperson.

And focusing on being of service rather than selling probably feels a whole lot more “you” anyway… 

Doesn’t it?

You can learn more about this concept here:

**Note: This video is from inside our mentorship program. Lucas refers to the “SERVICE Sales Framework.” Don’t let that confuse you. It’s the ethical approach to help people get what they truly need & want without pressure that we teach in Business Catalyst Coaching™.

Now if you’re thinking…

I love all of this, but my problem is really getting sales opportunities in the first place. 🙁

We can show you how to get there. 

At Thought Leaders Institute, we’ve trained thousands of experts on how to get more calls and clients…

And like the advice above, all without using any sketchy, slimy tactics. 

If you’re ready to be the successful, confident thought leader you KNOW you can be…

And need some support and clarity on how to get there faster…

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Fill out an application here
  2. Talk to a coach
  3. Improve your marketing & sales
  4. Grow your business faster
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