How To Retain Integrity Beyond 1:1 Coaching

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Have you ever participated in a group coaching program where the experience was NOT what you hoped it would be?

We get it…

So disappointing, right?

To be transparent…

A negative experience as a student of a not so hot program is the BIGGEST reason why some thought leaders hesitate to scale from 1:1 to group coaching in their own business.

There are 2 things we want to tell you right up front about this:

  1. The hesitation isn’t a bad thing — it means you’re truly committed serving your people — and serving them well
  2. It IS possible to get clients INCREDIBLE results beyond the 1:1 model

We’ve been there too…

And that’s why we set out to create a way to have the scale of a group model while retaining the integrity of results & transformation of a 1:1 coaching arrangement.

It’s how our Hybrid Coaching Model came to be. 🙂

So what exactly does a program using our model look like?

There are 4 main components of a Hybrid Coaching Program:

  1. Private Online Student Community
  2. High Value Pre-recorded Online Training
  3. Regular Access To Hot Seat Style Group Coaching Calls
  4. Tools & Resources To Accelerate Implementation

Watch this video from inside one of our private mentorship sessions to learn more about what these components look like in practice:

If you’re like us…

You want to serve your people in a way you feel GOOD about & PROUD of…

And in a way that does justice to their intentions & investment when they start working with you.

We believe the Hybrid Coaching Model is the BEST way out there to do just that.

If you’d like to explore using it in your own business, apply for a Discovery Call with us.

Here’s to serving — and serving well.

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