July Roundup: The Most Important Things To Focus On Right Now

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2020 has been quite the year…

(You’re probably thinking, “Yes… I’M AWARE!”)

If you need a little positivity…

Here are 2 of many awesome wins our clients had in July:

  • One enrolled $38k in coaching clients from ONE virtual speaking gig!
  • Another is close to crossing $50k in sales of their new program just in the past month – with NO ads!

Here’s what this is telling us:

People are realizing that they can’t let the current circumstances & uncertainty keep them stuck in inaction…

And we’re not just talking about thought leaders upping their game…

We mean the people you help too.

Right now, people WANT to do what it takes to come out of this whole ordeal stronger than ever…

And that means that there’s a HUGE opportunity for you to help them get there!

So here’s a roundup of some of the most important things to focus on right now:

1. The Secret To Attracting & Enrolling More Clients With Ease

You’re ready to help more people, but first you need to attract & enroll them as clients. Some thought leaders seem to do this EFFORTLESSLY. So what is it that makes them so magnetic? Read this blog post to learn why people can’t get enough of certain experts & how you can use this to your advantage. Don’t miss the exercise at the bottom of the post – it’s just a little extra effort for a huge payoff.

2. Make Your Marketing Stand Out & Get Results

Marketing is often too superficial and at the end of the day you need to make sure you’re doing your part in establishing a REAL connection with people. It’s what’ll keep them coming back again & again. Watch this clip on Facebook from our interview with The Outrageous Marketers – Bill Glazer, Mara Glazer, & Rob Cuesta where we discuss how to use experiences to create depth in your marketing. We also talk about a big name (that you’ve definitely heard of) who is doing it right.

3. Get Even BETTER Client Results With Hybrid Coaching

You can be a magnetic thought leader who offers real value to your audience via your marketing, but if people get into your program and it DOESN’T honor their intentions & investment – it’s disappointing & unfair. We know that’s not your style. Don’t get discouraged though – you absolutely CAN have the scale of a group model while retaining the integrity of results & transformation of a 1:1 coaching arrangement. Watch this video to learn how to do it right.


There’s no doubt that we’re still in a serious situation here with everything going on…

But the shock is starting to fade & people are getting back out there – virtually at least! 🙂

We hope that this is leading to some big wins in your business too.

If you’re ready to start impacting more people with your work & would like help growing your business faster…

Apply for coaching now.

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