How To Find Your Place In An Industry Dominated By Big Players

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So you’ve probably heard of Tony Robbins. 😉

He’s a dominant force in the personal development space.

Not just dominant, like OWNING the space. Multi-billion business even years ago, right?

Then, along comes this guy Brendon Burchard…

He looks at Tony and says to himself… “Yeah, I can do that too.”

And goes on to create his own multiple multiple 8 figure business!

If instead he had thought, “Yeah, Tony seems to have a lock on this whole personal development thing, there’s no room for me here”…

He wouldn’t have gone on to impact MILLIONS of people in the way he has.

Look at other niches in the coaching space, and you’ll see the exact same pattern:

If there was no room for anyone else but Marie Forleo in the course creation space…

How do you account for Amy Porterfield, Danielle Leslie, & Dan Henry?

They’ve all built 7 or 8-figure businesses doing the exact same thing!

If Marianne Williamson (or anyone before her) had a corner on the spirituality market…

It would have stopped Danielle LaPorte, Deepak Chopra, and Gabby Bernstein from making the HUGE impact they’ve made!

Watch this 4-minute video about how this realization changes everything:

Here’s the point:

Every single one of the people mentioned above has a THRIVING thought leader business…

But they didn’t start there.

They started right where you are now – trying to find their place in an industry dominated by HUGE players….

And it didn’t stop them.

Just think…

If Gabby Bernstein sitting right where you are today had thought, “Who wants to hear from ME?”

And that Marianne Williamson or anyone else before her had said everything there was to say about spirituality…

She wouldn’t have gone on to make the incredible impact she has & become a New York Times bestselling author with a forward by none other than… Marianne Williamson.

Here’s the takeaway:

You can stand out, have more impact, and thrive as a thought leader – even in a crowded space (aka EVERY space) – by being authentically YOU.

You don’t have to try to be anyone else or do what anyone else is doing.

The opportunity for impact & income ahead for you is ENORMOUS for that exact reason…

No one else is you.

No one else is saying “it” in exactly the same way you will.

No one is doing “it” exactly the same way you will.

It’s time for your unique voice to be heard by more people – because the world needs YOU.

If that’s something you need support with, let’s talk to see if we can help.

When I say the world needs you, I don’t mean a watered-down, covered up version of you…

But you, authentically you…

Your story.

Your experiences.

Your raw, real point of view.

The world needs YOU…

Now more than ever.

Let us help you get that out there…

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