How Coaches & Consultants Can THRIVE Despite The Fear And Uncertainty Of Coronavirus

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How Coaches & Consultants Can THRIVE Despite The Fear And Uncertainty Of Coronavirus COVID-19

NOTE: Please share this post with your friends and colleagues… Some of the free resources listed could save their business, their home, or possibly even their life.

We carefully curated the list of resources below to help thought leaders (coaches, consultants, online course creators, authors, speakers, etc) survive and THRIVE during these uncertain and difficult times.

As I’m sure you’ve heard or even said yourself recently…

“These are crazy times we live in!”

COVID-19 has already made an unprecedented impact on the world, and on this industry.

This week I spoke with no fewer than 6 coaches or consultants who shared that they are or may soon need to “close their doors” or let team or contractors go.

And, sadly, if the health experts at the CDC and WHO are right, this is just the beginning. 😞

That said, it’s also important to acknowledge that it’s NOT all doom & gloom right now for our industry.

As thought leaders – experts in helping people create wealth, better health, loving relationships, and happier and more fulfilled lives…

Over the next few months, there’s a LOT of opportunity for thought leaders like you to be a source of light and positivity in the midst of so much uncertainty and fear…

AND to make ethical, “right-fit” offers, expand your online marketing, and grow your business.

As thought leaders – our work, YOUR work, is truly needed now more than ever!

If, as an industry, we band together and get more strategic about how we attract, enroll, and serve our clients…

We CAN thrive, and we can make a positive impact on more people than ever before.

In the rest of this post, you’ll find a (regularly updated) list of both FREE and some special deals on high-value, timely solutions to help you with:

^^ Click any of the above links to skip directly to those resources. ^^

We KNOW that this global challenge poses a wide array of issues for people from all walks of life…

Our hope is that the resources below provide the exact support and comfort you need at this time.

As you navigate the next few weeks and months, please know that we (the Thought Leaders Institute team) are here for YOU, and we believe in you.

To your health & success,
Lucas Garvin & Jim Hohl
Co-Founders, Thought Leader Brands

PS – Yes, some of the resources below are our own programs.

Every program listed is available at heavily reduced rates (or free), for the time being…

Please know that our aim is NOT to take advantage of the situation — but rather to make our support more ACCESSIBLE for those that need more guidance or an extra hand to ramp up their online marketing & sales efforts right now.

Community & Connection

Join Our Free Community of Thought Leaders

While so many of us work from home, I think it’s fair to say that most of us aren’t used to complete isolation for extended periods of time, right…? 🙂

Well, being forcibly “cooped up” at home doesn’t have to mean that we can’t connect with caring, like-minded people that can help keep us sane, motivated, and accountable to important work…

We’d love to invite you to join us and nearly 1,000 other thought leader business owners in our free community, Thriving Thought Leaders.

Connect Your Own Community

Video conferencing giant Zoom has created a free resource for working from home during this pandemic that touches on so many topics – including how to work remotely more effectively and how to host virtual events. Check it out here.

If you haven’t yet, you can grab a license to use Zoom in a limited capacity for free, or upgrade to a higher level of service (recommended) for not much more than that.

Business & Marketing Strategy

Join Us For FREE, Live Q&A/Coaching Calls Every Week

This truly is such a unique and unprecedented time in business!

We’ve been getting questions left and right about how to navigate GROWING private or group coaching or consulting programs in this economy…

Coronavirus COVID-19 Q&A Video

We recently answered a BUNCH of COVID-19-related marketing & sales questions on this Facebook™ Live in our Thriving Thought Leaders community. (We host FREE, live sessions there weekly!)

Client Attraction Accelerator

SAVE 84% On Client Attraction Accelerator

Right now, marketing your coaching or consulting products and services OFFLINE is not an option… For the foreseeable future… It’s time to get an ONLINE SYSTEM in place to help you weather the “Coronavirus” storm and come out on the other side THRIVING.

In Client Attraction Accelerator, you’ll quickly discover…

  • The key to making a real profit online – even if you’ve never advertised before
  • The exact funnel & software we use to market our high-ticket programs
  • How to get several qualified leads for enrollment conversations every week(and make 3-10x ROI on ad spend)
  • Advanced strategies for getting more qualified leads with $0 in ad spend
  • (And SO much more!)

We’re making it easier than ever to get started…

Client Attraction Accelerator is normally $600, but in light of the situation, we’ve slashed the price by 84% to just $98… PLUS we’ve bonused in our Expert Business GPS™ Mini-Course, a $100 value, yours FREE.

SAVE BIG On Our Flagship Mentorship Program, Business Catalyst Coaching™

In Business Catalyst Coaching™, affectionately called “BCC”, you’ll discover how to profitably launch and quickly grow any thought leader business with more predictability, freedom, and ease.

Business Catalyst is our flagship mentorship program for emerging and established coaches and consultants who want to rapidly grow their business with ethical, leveraged systems to attract, enroll, and serve more clients.

Click the button below to learn more & schedule a Strategy Session with our team to see if ‘BCC’ is the right next step for you:

30% OFF For 3 Months Done-For-You Marketing

Making a swift transition to ramp up your online marketing and generate enough qualified prospects to get 3, 5, 10, even more high-value clients per month can be difficult if “funnels”, “ads”, and “tech” aren’t your thing…

To make that transition easier, The Thought Leader Agency has just announced that they’re offering 30% OFF for 3 months, waiving their new client Success Accelerator fee, and bonusing in a FREE ticket to the next Success Accelerator Retreat. (Details here.)

As a Thought Leader Agency “Marketing Partner” client, you get world-class support to help you grow FASTER, including…


The Thought Leader Agency has been an incredible partner. I can consistently count on them to deliver results while keeping profitability in mind. Plus they are a true pleasure to work with!

– Lisa Sasevich, Creator of “The Invisible Close” and “Speak-to-Sell”

DigitalMarketer Lab Free

Get DigitalMarketer Lab FREE

My friend and partner, Ryan Deiss (CEO of DigitalMarketer) JUST announced that their flagship training membership, DigitalMarketer Lab, will be completely free until at least March 31st, 2020.

You can read the full announcement here or click the button below to claim your free account.

Ryan Deiss Shares:
“How To Market During This Crisis Without Looking Like An Uncaring ‘Jerk'”

Sierra Frost Shares:
How To Create A Safe Space For Your Clients & Community Right Now

Watch our interview with one of our clients and friends, Sierra Frost, a wellness expert, coach and author about some important steps you can take to create psychological safety in your marketing, sales, and programs which is especially important during this time of heightened emotional stress.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

A very dear friend, Jonathan Christian of #WeMakeStuffHappen, has reopened his core program, Virtual Social Media Bootcamp, at the heavily reduced rate of $297 (from $2k) with coupon code #virtual…

Mindset & Mental Health

With challenging times comes an opportunity to reevaluate what’s important, what’s urgent, and to get really present to our mental (and physical) health…

We’ve added these resources because more than ever, as thought leaders, we need to “get our mind right” so we can lead our families, friends, and clients through.

Brendon Burchard Shares:
“How To Keep A Good Attitude, Be Role Models, And Remain Calm, Focused And Productive Even Amid The Storms Of Life”

In this video, Brendon mentions a free, two-part training on “Fear & Forecasting”...

In it, Brendon covers:

  • How to stay emotionally centered amid chaos and uncertainty
  • Productive mindsets to adopt when you must make tough decisions
  • Understanding your fears and the most constructive ways to deal with them

Roland Fraiser & John Assaraf Share:
“Creating the Optimal Brain for the Next 90 Days”

Carrie Sechel Shares:
“How To Work At Home, Happily and Productively, With Your Husband and Kids… WITHOUT Daily Fights Or Electronics Overload”

In this video Carrie covers how to:

  • COMMUNICATE – Create a family communication plan and structure that allows everyone to work productively, be creative, and have some fun!
  • FREE – Design your to do list to focus on the professional priorities that will truly move the needle AND free up time to be present with your family. 
  • ENJOY – Strategize with your husband to create “sanity time”, for each of you, so you can get a break and make the most of your time together.
  • ENGAGE – Resist the lure of electronics so your kids are happier and more engaged, now AND when this situation passes.

There’s Help If You Need It

Hopeline is a free and confidential crisis and suicide prevention helpline that offers crisis intervention, supportive and non-judgmental active listening, gentle and understanding discussion of crisis resolution, and referrals to appropriate community resources.

If you’re in need of help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Business & Personal Finances

As the Coronavirus pandemic has grown, people and businesses are struggling…

Some people have, and more people will lose their jobs or receive pay cuts.

Unfortunately, this isn’t pessimistic or conservative, it’s simply where we are and where we’re headed.

The resources here are intended to help you relieve business or personal financial pressure in the coming weeks and months.

I hope that this, combined with all of the resources above can help you or someone you know stay or get back on track and in the best place possible, given the circumstances.

Relief Funding For Small Businesses

Click the button below to learn more about the SBA Disaster Assistance program.

Click the button below to see a comprehensive list of funding programs on Forbes.

Debt Payment & Interest Relief

Many creditors are offering to temporarily waive interest and minimum payments. This article from CNBC has a pretty comprehensive list of creditors’ offers to consumers who need a little extra help right now.

You can also find many more COVID-19 related personal finance tips from NerdWallet here.

NOTE: Please share this post with your friends and colleagues… Some of the free resources listed could save their business, their home, or possibly even their life.

We carefully curated the list of resources above to help thought leaders (coaches, consultants, online course creators, authors, speakers, etc) survive and THRIVE during these uncertain and difficult times.

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