How To Add Depth To Marketing

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Elon Musk watched his truck FAIL in front of a live audience, but less than a week later it had 250,000 reservations for purchase. 

Here’s what happened:

Tesla’s highly anticipated all-electric battery-powered ‘Cybertruck’ rolls on stage welcomed by  fireshow complete with lasers, smoke, music…

And roaring applause from the audience. 

The stage lights turn a moody blue…

And Elon & his crew – decked out from head to toe in black – begin a series of demonstrations that highlight the futuristic truck’s features.

It feels like part magic & part science…

And everything’s going GREAT until they get to the UNBREAKABLE Armor Glass.

Elon instructs one of his assistants to try to break the glass….

And. It. Shatters. 

The audience goes silent as Elon stumbles over his words.

The secondhand embarrassment you can’t help but feel for the guy makes it hard to watch.

Here’s the thing though…

Less than a week later there were over 250,000 reservations to buy the Cybertruck…

And just a few weeks ago reservations crossed a mind-boggling 650,000!

Here’s why:

Tesla made the unveiling an EXPERIENCE…

People felt like they were part of a historic launch of something incredible… 

And the depth of the experience massively increased connection – even with the failed demo. 

Here’s the takeaway:

At the end of the day, marketing is so often too superficial.

We’ve all been subject to ‘take it or leave it’ style campaigns…

And it doesn’t feel good. 

In this day and age it’s vitally important to focus on adding value & creating experiences for your audience.  

We discussed this in our interview with the Outrageous Marketers – Bill Glazer, his daughter Mara, & Rob Cuesta…

And they all strongly agreed.

You can watch our conversation with them about creating experiences here:

Rob makes a great point that gets to the heart of the matter…

He says that it really comes down to creating memories.

People will remember how you made them feel long after they forget what you said…

And remembering how they felt about you & your brand is what will draw them back in the future.

If you’re having trouble connecting & creating those lasting feelings of reciprocity with your clients – and potential clients – we can help you get clear on your best next step. 

Just fill out an application here and one of our coaches will give you a call to dive into how we can help you improve your marketing & build those relationships. 

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